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SOCIOLUX is an Indonesian Digital Marketing Agency that specialized in Website, Social Media, Optimization and Digital Marketing Strategies.With our professional service, you can easily create successful digital marketing campaigns, promotions, and strategies .

Our Specialization



Does your business have a website? Sociolux provides you with interactive and engaging website concept, structure, and design. And with our website management and optimization service, we could easily achieve your desired results.

Social Media

Do you have a problem with your social media engagement? Sociolux can help you manage, optimize, and maintain your social media accounts.


Are your followers and visitors think that your digital platform unattractive? Or not effective to fulfill your end goal? Sociolux can help you to optimize your website, social media, app store, and your other digital marketing platforms. We focus on building quality and quantity of your engagement in digital platforms.

Digital Strategy

Sociolux also provide your business with text message marketing, email marketing, digital advertisement, translation, consultation, and event/campaign marketing.

Effective Digital Marketing Solution

Identify Your Problem

Are you facing difficult situation with your business? We are here to help you to identify and distinguish your problems and symptoms.

Analize Your Business

To identify your opportunities, we will help you to analyze your business, market, competitor, and your customers.

Create Custom Strategy

Based on our research, we would compile a creative strategy starting with business goals, channels, contents, actions, revenue streams, and costs.

Provide Solution

Whether it's a new website design or social media campaign, we ensure that our solution is tailored specifically to your need. And even after the execution, we would monitor, optimize, and measure your campaign to make sure everything is perfect.

Are you ready to take Your Business to the Next Step?

Are you planning to create a new business? Have you plan the future for your business? Or is your business facing an obstacle?

We are ready to help you to find your ideal business solutions, whether it’s a website, content, social media, and other digital platforms. Our goal is to provide professional and relevant digital marketing solutions that tailored to each of our clients.

Keunggulan Kami

Fast Response

Our team will give you a respond within 1x24hour by chat, email, text message, or phone call.

Custom Design

Our design us unique and customized to fit your need. We focus on creating attractive and engaging contents.

Flexible Price

Our price is based on your need. You can control how much you will be spending on digital marketing strategy.

Interactive Contents

We thrive in creating interactive contents that will increase your visitors/customers' engagement.

Tailored Strategy

Whether it's your new business or existing business, our strategy is fully tailored to your need. We are tireless to help you find your solution.

Professional Recommendation

Our team have experience in digital marketing for many years in various industries, such as retail, human resource, finance, energy, trade, etc.

One-stop Digital Marketing Solution

We provide various service to make sure your business runs smoothly. From website to app, we could deliver effective and efficient solution for your business.


Our content, service, and recommendation can be adjusted to your business setting. We would manage to maintain your one strong voice that your brand trying to achieve.

Our Clients


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