About Us

Sociolux is your businesses’ digital marketing solution. Read more to understand our vision, mission, focus and background. We seek to be your best business partner.

Sociolux is a Digital Marketing Agency from Jakarta, Indonesia. We provide solutions in website building/design, Optimization such as SEO, CRO, and ASO. We also provide social media content creation, management, optimization, digital advertising such as Google advertisement, and Facebook ads..

Our Vision

One-stop solution for technology & digital marketing within commerce sphere.

Our Mission

  1. Increase  the value of digital technology in business
  2. Provide effective and efficient digital  strategy and solutions
  3. Provide professional, valuable, and relevant digital marketing services 
  4. Built strategic and dynamic cooperation with various institutions 

Our Focus

Helping new and existing businesses with their journey in the digital world.

Our Background

Sociolux Team have years of experience working all around the world in various industries. We are IT specialist, digital marketing specialist, product specialist, social media expert, and web designer. We make sure that our expertise is in fashion with the latest trend. We also fluent in 4 different languages that would easily help us in communicating our message globally. We thrive in thinking out-of-the-box and delivering unique solution.